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Smith, Jennifer Degnan

Jennifer Degnan Smith

Jennifer Degnan Smith, Ph.D., is based in Seattle and consults with organizations in the U.S. and Europe to cultivate their cultures and develop their employees' careers. She lived in London for many years, coaching senior finance executives on leadership and career advancement. She has taught leadership and organizational behavior to MBA students, and has conducted post-graduate research on women and work-life balance. Jennifer travels extensively to Athens studying Greece's ancient mythology and its contemporary culture. Learn more about Jennifer here.

Articles by Jennifer Degnan

Jennifer Degnan Smith

Personality Type in Depth was created in 2010 by Carol Shumate and Mark Hunziker to publish scholarship that bridges the gap between psychological type and depth psychology. In 2017, Hunziker introduced the term depth typology for this field of study, which explores the interaction of the conscious and unconscious aspects of psychological type, as conceived of by C. G. Jung. Articles undergo rigorous review and are edited by professional editors and writers. In keeping with its educational mission, subscription is free, and all issues are accessible to the public online.

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