Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

Editors: Carol Shumate, Mark Hunziker, Jenny Soper, Lori Green, Olivia Ireland (Art Editor), and Erin Temple

Next Issue: July

Vicky Jo Varner

Vicky Jo Varner, PhD, obtained her doctorate in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Formerly on the faculty of the University of Philosophical Research, she has also taught courses on Jung’s typology functions through the Association of Psychological Type International (APTi). As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF, CPCC, PCC, JCDC), she conducts guided type discovery experiences. Her clients include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dukes Aerospace, and Americorps. Her website is

Published articles:

A Tympanum in a Time of COVID

A Broken Personality Repairs Itself

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