Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

Editors: Carol Shumate, Mark Hunziker, Jenny Soper, Lori Green, Olivia Ireland (Art Editor), and Erin Temple

Next Issue: July

Steve Whiteford

Steve WhitefordSteve brings 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer and coach. Through his company, Whiteford Resources, he coaches and leads workshops in Presentation, Constructive Conflict, Leadership Development, and related communication topics including career development. Steve is certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQi/EQi360) and the MBTI®. He has directed and narrated corporate videos, and worked in stage, film, and television productions. His writing credits include the Bulletin of Psychological Type, Entrepreneur, TWA’s Ambassador, Training & Development Journal, Idea Magazine, and Air-America Radio.

Published articles:

Something’s Trickster in Denmark

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