Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

Editors: Carol Shumate, Mark Hunziker, Jenny Soper, Lori Green, Olivia Ireland (Art Editor), and Erin Temple

Next Issue: July

Markey Read

markey-read2015-260xMarkey Read, M.A. (ENFJ), is a consultant and trainer in Vermont where she focuses on leadership and team development, entrepreneurship, and professional/career planning. She has been using and researching psychological type since 1994 and was a certification provider for many years. She is the author of Your Cast of Characters: A Guide to Leadership Development; Charting the Course & Landing the Job (6th ed.); Launching & Growing Your Entrepreneurial Dream; and Time for a Change. Markey is the principal at Career Networks, Inc.

Published articles:

How Timelines Move Goal Lines

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