Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

Editors: Carol Shumate, Mark Hunziker, Jenny Soper, Lori Green, Olivia Ireland (Art Editor), and Erin Temple

Next Issue: July

Diana Arias Heñao

Diana Arias Heñao is a clinical psychologist based in Seattle, where she works as a clinical research assistant at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Born in Colombia, South America, she worked as a mental health therapist at Consejo Counseling Service serving the Latino community in Washington, and before that she was a clinical psychologist in private practice and at the Fundación Mnematica, Medicina del Alma in Colombia. Diana is currently pursuing a PhD in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Some of her academic writings on resilience, active imagination and the hero’s journey are accessible online.

Published articles:

Dancing with the Shadow in Black Swan

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