Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

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Red Book Ruminations

“The part that you take over from the devil—joy, that is—leads you into adventure. In this way you will find your lower as well as your upper limits. It is necessary for you to know your limits. If you do not know them, you run into the artificial barriers of your imagination and the expectations of your fellow men. But your life will not take kindly to being hemmed in by artificial barriers. Life wants to jump over such barriers and you will fall out with yourself. These barriers are not your real limits, but artificial limitations that do unnecessary violence to you. Therefore try to find your real limits. One never knows them in advance, but one sees and understands them only when one reaches them.”

— C. G. Jung, The Red Book, p. 263


Text and image courtesy of W.W. Norton & Company and The Philemon Foundation.


The Red Book
Copyright © 2009 by The Foundation of the Works of C. G. Jung
Translation Copyright © 2009 by Mark Kyburz, John Peck, and Sonu Shamdasani


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