Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

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Question of the Day

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When you are taking care of others, what function-attitude do you tend to use the most? Where is it in your typology? Have there been times when it has not been effective? Why? How do you, yourself prefer to be taken care of? How does that differ from how you do it for others?


    I tend to use extraverted thinking, my 2nd/auxiliary function, most when caring for others. I also use extraverted sensing (4th/inferior) and introverted sensing (8th) to help the Te evaluate the symptoms and signs, in order to do what I think needs to be done. I find this works well with physical ailments, but when nurturing of emotions is also required, I fall short. I usually recognize this and do my best to use extraverted feeling (my 7th function), as well, although not always long enough or well enough. I always wish I had more knowledge of disease filed away in order to make better decisions.

    I prefer Te or Ti when someone is caring for me. Extraverted feeling in others, especially when I don’t feel well, can sometimes irritate me, although I’m always aware that it comes from the best of intentions.

  • I use extraverted feeling which is in my auxiliary function for INFJ. It only becomes ineffective when I let it go overboard and I’m caring for someone more than myself. Interesting question to think about in terms of how I would prefer to be taken care of. I would have naturally answered this with Fe, but upon reflection, I think I prefer Si. I like to hear how someone else has handled a situation in the past and what worked for them. What symptoms did they have? What solutions did they try that worked or not? I also like practical, down-to-earth advice and common sense solutions.

    Sometimes with Fe, I don’t like the feeling of people feeling sorry for me. Really interesting questions that I will pay more attention to in the future.

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