Bridging psychological type and depth psychology

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Red Book Ruminations

C. G. Jung, Red Book, P. 28“But I ask you, when do men fall on their brothers with mighty weapons and bloody acts? They do such if they do not know that their brother is themselves. . . . But whom do people kill? They kill the noble, the brave, the heroes. They take aim at these and do not know that with these they mean themselves. They should sacrifice the hero in themselves, and because they do not know this, they kill their courageous brother.”

— C. G. Jung, The Red Book, p. 63


Text and image courtesy of W.W. Norton & Company and The Philemon Foundation.


The Red Book
Copyright © 2009 by The Foundation of the Works of C. G. Jung

Translation Copyright © 2009 by Mark Kyburz, John Peck, and Sonu Shamdasani

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